Basic Dental Care



If you need to get your teeth fixed, but you have been concerned about the cost, you have come to the right place. We have gone to extraordinary lengths to keep our fees low, so that people who are self-employed, or who don't have dental insurance, or who live on a fixed income, or who just don't want to pay an arm and a leg to fix a tooth, can afford to go to the dentist and get their teeth fixed.


Dr. Brady, the dentist who founded Basic Dental Care is as concerned about the cost of dental care as he is the cost of all health care. We are a real dental office, not a low income clinic, indigent care facility, or government health care site.






Why our dental fees are lower

From the day we opened our office, our goal has been to provide the basics in dental care at fees that people can afford. We have long realized that all health care is too expensive, including dental care. Although we can't do much about the cost of medical care, doctor's fees, or drugs, we have felt like we could do something to reduce the price of a filling or the cost of a crown for people who don't have a dentist uncle.

The price of a filling or crown depends on numerous factors, some of which we can control. Because our concern is to keep fees low, our focus has been to try to control our overhead costs.


We try to be inexpensive, but not cheap

Although we have done a lot to control our overhead costs, there are some things we don't do and won't scrimp on to try to save a little money. For instance, we research and use the best dental materials (fillings, cements, etc.) we can buy, which mostly includes respectable brand names. We don't use cheap stuff. These materials go into a dark, wet, harsh environment (your mouth), take a pounding multiple times every day, and then are "expected" to last forever.

So we shop around to get the best price on our supplies, but we don't compromise quality and reputation for price when it comes to materials. Our dentures, partials, and crowns are made by the best dental labs according to our specifications.





Should you come to Basic Dental Care for your dental needs?

Obviously, we will not be for everyone. In fact, we do not try to accommodate everyone. We have a specific goal in providing dental care and we try very hard to meet those objectives. We want to provide basic dental services (ie. fillings, crowns, cleanings, some extractions, some root canals, etc.) to people we care about, at a fee that people can afford.

For that reason, we do not do a lot of dental work that is best done by specialists (braces, oral surgery, hard extractions of "bombed out" teeth, complex root canals, implants, etc.) If you need something and have a question about whether or not we do it, please call us.




Call us at 88-TEETH (888-3384) for any information you may need (including prices) or to schedule an appointment.