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Basic Dental Fees

We realize that often the most painful part (paying) about going to the dentist is at the front desk after the dental work is done and before you leave the office. The high fees we see in the community for some things like root canals and crowns can make it especially painful to think about anything other than an extraction. But that is the reason we have gone to such great lengths to set up an office like Basic Dental Care.

We believe that people need to be adequately informed about their dental needs and that includes knowing the cost to fix whatever they need. We are very up front with everyone about the fees involved and try to talk straight, so that you know what you are getting into before any dental work is done. In fact, we like you to know how much the dental work will cost you before you ever walk through our door.

For that reason, we will gladly give you as much fee information over the phone as we can (which is totally different from every other dental office in America!). We encourage people to find out and know what fees they are going to be expected to pay, for any dental work they are going to have. We think you ought to call other dental offices and find out the fees for whatever you need. And you should not be shy about it. Then call us and make an informed decision. If you are going to have to pay for it, the responsible thing to do is to know how much it is all going to cost.

Some of our fees:

  • Root canal, anterior tooth $ 375.00
  • Root canal, 1st molar $561.00
  • Crown, posterior tooth $598.00
  • 4 X-rays $33.00
  • Complete denture, upper or lower $760.00
  • Extraction, simple (per tooth) $98.00
  • White filling, posterior,1 surface $99.00
  • White filling, posterior, 2 surface $140.00
  • White filling, anterior,1 surface $88.00-$108.00
  • White filling, anterior, 2 surface $139.00
  • Silver filling, 1 surface $64.00
  • Limited exam $17.00
  • Complete exam $30.00
  • Cleaning (Periodic) $66.00

These are some of our base fees. If you have questions about them, or you want to know fees for procedures not listed, please call the office at 888-3384 (88-teeth).  If we have seen you and given you an estimate, remember that it is an estimate only.  Because you are an eating, breathing, living person and we cannot see or anticipate every situation or complication, the fee to fix a tooth may change according to unforeseen factors. It may well end up being less expensive than we thought it would be.  In that case, you will be charged less. Or it may turn out to be more work and be more expensive than we originally thought and estimated. If that is the case, you will be charge appropriately. It may even turn out to be unfixable.  We strive to be honest and upfront about any dental treatment options we recommend.

A few more words about dental fees:

(1) If you are the type of dental patient that sometimes forgets to show up for dental appointments that you have scheduled, please 10% to the base fees.

(2) If you have dental insurance, and you would like us to manage it for you as payment for your dental work, please add about 10% to the above fees. Dental Insurance is a great benefit but it adds to the cost of dentistry. We think the insurance ought to pay for the extra office work involved in processing claims, filing, mailing, additional posting, etc.

(3) When we tell you a crown is $598, that is the total. We will not add on a bunch of extra unmentioned procedures and charges that greatly increase the fee you have to pay. Sometimes, teeth are so badly broken down that they need some sort of foundation work done before we can put a crown over it.

(4) The dental work you need is based solely on the conditions in your mouth, not on whether or not you have insurance. We do not care if you have insurance.

(5) The cost of health care (including dental care) increases when people do not care about the fees or the cost. We encourage people to shop around and compare what they are getting for the money they are spending for any health care service. Fee conscious consumers will help control all health care costs. This is true whether or not you have insurance. Once doctors, labs, hospitals or clinics know that you are concerned about the cost (and the money you are going to have to pay), they will all become more cooperative.



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